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Shareapass is a mobile web platform that makes lending and borrowing event passes accessible and affordable

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How it works

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Event organizers

You are an event organizer?

Benefit from the daily
access demand.

Shareapass gives you access to the sharing market, allowing your customers to lend and borrow access to your event at a price and time that suits them best. Shareapass is not a resale website. We will ensure that the suggested price does not exceed the total fee.

Without initial buyers, sharing is impossible.

No extra stress on your sales. Your current and loyal customers will continue to purchase the full access and are not likely to rely on a uncertain availability. However, people who can not attend for lack of time or budget, is now up with an alternative that is profitable to you.

Generate income and maximize attendance.

Shareapass provides partnership agreement for events, allowing you to generate new revenues. We take care of everything! No human resources to manage for the organizers. Make new incomes through the sharing market and reach higher attendance at the various activities offered throughout your event.

Liquidate unsold in a new way.

You could not manage to sell all your passes and are now on the eve of the event? Shareapass allows you to make additionnal income when you believed it was no longer possible. Why not offer your unsold, as specific or daily passes, on the spot?

I am interested in a partnership.


I am not an organizer, but I would like to suggest an event for which I wish to use Shareapass.

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